06/2013--present Project Manager Cloud Technology, Swisscom, Berne, Zurich, San Francisco bay area
  • Product Owner CloudMaker
  • Lead CI/CD/QA
  • Technical Lead Project newCloud
02/2012--05/2013 Interim Program Manager SMB Cloud Portal, Deutsche Telekom AG, Darmstadt
04/2006--08/2006 Technical Project Manager Mobile, ComBOTS (, Karlsruhe
12/2004--12/2005 IT Manager, N23 GmbH, Siemens, Z├╝rich
06/2003--presentManaging Director, TeamForge GmbH
Development and operation mobile Internet version
Marketing, contract conclusions and operation with Vodafone, E-Plus, KPN (Netherlands), BASE (Belgium), and A1 mobilkom (Austria)
06/2003 Foundation of TeamForge GmbH
05/2002--05/2003 Development of the modapp platform (Open Source J2EE stack) and the mobile MMOG modwars
08/2001--04/2002 Development of the TeamForge business model (Mobile Service Provider)
05/2001--07/2001 IT Coordinator, Group 3G GmbH (Telefónica, Sonera), Munich
01/2000--04/2001 Diploma thesis: Development of a prioritized time management system, University of Stuttgart
11/1998--12/1999 IT Manager, FirstMark Communications, Berlin, London
06/1998--10/1998 Administrator, University of Stuttgart
04/1998--05/1998 Original development Database- and Reporting application
02/1997--03/1998 Developer, QA and Administrator, Bosch Telecom GmbH
07/1996--02/1997 Developer, QA and Administrator, debis Sytemhaus GmbH
04/1996--07/1996 Developer for IBM, daemons point GmbH
04/1996 Foundation of Folgmann IT Consulting

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