Following the ideas of Open Source software, all programs on this page are released under the General Public License (GPL, german version ). GNU's not Unix!

Program Current Version Runs on * Requires Checked with
tkalc 1.0.2 Linux, Windows Tcl/Tk TclPro Checker
devclean 1.1 Linux sh  
binpacker 1.0.2 Linux C++ compiler with STL  

* Programs that run on Linux should generally also run on any Unix system.



Programs using Tcl/Tk are developed on Linux, but also tested on Windows. Those programs should generally run on any operating system that is supported by Tcl/Tk. This includes MacOS and most Unix flavors. Tcl/Tk is part of every serious Linux distribution and in most cases already installed on commercial Unix systems. So generally only Windows users need to download it.

Learn more about Tcl/Tk at the Tcl Developer Xchange or directly download Tcl/Tk 8.4 for your operating system.


My Tcl/Tk programs are distributed as ZIP files, because they are easier to unpack on Windows. On Linux use unzip or doubleclick on the file in your Gnome or KDE filemanager. On Windows I recommend to use PowerArchiver.


Programs using sh are developed on Linux, but should run on any Unix system or Windows with GNU Win32. sh is the original Unix shell present on every even very old Unix system.


My Linux programs are distributed as .tar.gz files. Use tar xzvf archive.tar.gz to untar the gziped archive.

C++ compiler with STL

To compile my Linux C++ programs you need a C++ compiler and the Standard Template Library. Theses packages are normally called gcc and libstdc++.

Operating Systems

If you successfully use one of the programs on an operating system that is not in the list, please , so I can include your OS in the above table.

GNU's not Unix!

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