Mozilla SeaMonkey or Thunderbird filter rules to Sieve converter v1.0.1

This converter is very useful if you want to migrate your locally executed Mozilla SeaMonkey or Thunderbird mail rules to a server-based Sieve script which is supported by different IMAP servers, e.g. cyrus. See the web resources below for more information. This software is derived from Oleg Rekutin's converter. Please note that currently only "Move to folder" or disabled rules are supported.

Paste your Mozilla rule file here (msgFilterRules.dat in your IMAP directory):

Use '/' instead of '.' as IMAP folder seperators
e.g. configured "unixhierarchysep: yes" in /etc/imapd.conf when using cyrus IMAPD

Converted Sieve rules:

... nothing yet ...



Fixed problem with a non-breaking space used for indenting the fileinto action, which caused the output to have invalid characters on current browsers.


Initial version, originally called v0.11, online since many years.

Web Resources


  1. Where can I find my msgFilterRules.dat file?
    • On Linux it's
    • On Windows it's something like
      C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\profile_name\
  2. How can I upload my sieve script to a Cyrus IMAPD?
    1. Make sure that on the server machine tim's sieve daemon is enabled in the SERVICES section of /etc/cyrus.conf. It should contain an entry like
      sieve cmd="timsieved" listen="sieve" prefork=1
      without a # sign before it. Restart cyrus if you have to change this.
    2. Access control is done using tcpd, so make sure that your client is allowed to connect to the sieve port in /etc/hosts.allow if general access is forbidden in /etc/host.deny.
    3. Now connect using sieveshell to your server. Here's an example. Please note that in my case the server's hostname is imap. Unix user and cyrus user have the same name here, so no option is specified when running sieveshell. The above generated sieve script was saved as mozilla-sieve.txt to disk.
      $ sieveshell imap
      connecting to imap
      Please enter your password:
      > help
        sieveshell [-u username] [-a authname] [-r realm] <server>
      help             - this screen
      list             - list scripts on server
      put <filename> [<target name>]
                       - upload script to server
      get <name> [<filename>]
                       - get script. if no filename display to stdout
      delete <name>    - delete script.
      activate <name>  - set a script as the active script
      deactivate       - deactivate all scripts
      quit             - quit
      > put mozilla-sieve.txt
      > activate mozilla-sieve.txt
      > list
      mozilla-sieve.txt  <- active script
      > quit
      You can put multiple sieve scripts on the server, but only one can be active.
  3. Mozilla does not recognize that I have new mail on my IMAP server.
    • If you have rules that file new mail in other folders than INBOX you have to tell mozilla to check these folders for new mail. Right click on the affected folder and choose "Properties". Now click on "Check folder for new mail" and "Ok". Alternatively you can select the folder and wait for mozilla downloading the new mails.

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